Objayda's secret lies in the unlikely songwriting partnership between Tarn Ockenden & Tim Howe and the enigmatic drumming style of Geoff Tanner following their chance meeting at a recording session.  


The band have toured extensively over the years reaching some unusual corners of the globe and performing to some half a million people along the way. They have also written, recorded and released eight studio albums on their own label shifting several thousand copies and coveting media coverage from the likes of BBC Radio One and Two, Radio Six International, Absolute Radio and BBC and independent television.   Their single Skeleton Bob has recently been championed by UK celebrity Frank Skinner on his national radio breakfast show - who is reputed to be a fan!


Objayda are now signed to Gravel Road Records & Music.


"A CURIOUS but crammed shoebox full of instant delights. A punky violette noir, where the Cocteaus came and met Kate Bush head on ..."

longest day3F

LONGEST DAY 4 track EP out now on Gravel Road Records ... available worldwide on digital download from all major stores ...

Mick Mercer  - reviews the bands debut album in Melody Maker

Tim Howe - bass guitar * lead vocals

Tarn Ockenden - guitar * lead vocals

Geoff Tanner - drums * percussion

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