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by Tim

by Tarn

When you come up with your band name - you don't really think about the fact that you may be stuck with it for most of your adult life - just aswell we still like ours - but where did it come from you ask?





Well way back in 1983 we threw a few suggestions about and the one we liked was actually Tarn's mum's idea 'Objet d'art '.  It's a French phrase and loosely translated means 'object of art' or 'work of art' - it also describes an oddity, curiousity and even a rarity ...





Tim decided that it might work better if spelt phonetically and so changed it to Ob-Jay-Da - 3 seperate words hyphenated together.





Later that year, when Tim left his job of 9 months in the civil service to persue the band full time - a smart chap by the name of Roland Knight in the accounts department came up with the inspired anagram on the leaving card "from A Day Job to Ob Jay Da" - genius - Tarn reckons we should just say that's where we got the name!





The final bit of the story came about as we entered the computer age and we decided that to avoid confusion with our web address, we would lose the hyphons and turn 3 words into 1 -  and so we have Objayda


Another bonus is that if you google us - you pretty much only end up with us or something named after us - there is even a greyhound!


One more thing - just like David Bowie - pronounce it how you wish and we love nothing more than to hear a good fluff!

What's in a name?

Objet d'art


A Day Job

"from A Day Job to Ob Jay Da"