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by Tim

by Tarn

TIMELESS POP-ROCK ... OBJAYDA-SOLAR...The bass and keys of Tim Howe, guitar & lead vocals of Tarn Ockenden, and drums of Richard Nash make up Surrey pop / rock royalty Objayda, who have been playing their melodic rock for 20 years. Tipping hats to the Pretenders, The Bangles and Kirsty MacColl, the trio remain one of our great underexposed bands and a mere fingernail away from top 10 success. Bitter Moon, Stairway To London and The Book all charm the ears via sweet guitar and exuberant vocals, and will always prove audience pleasers. Timeless. Keith Ames - MUSICIAN MAGAZINE - Winter 2008




1. Solar

2. Bitter Moon

3. Stairway To London

4. The Book

5. Teenage Fan Club

6. Is It Just Me?

7. Good For Me

8. Baby Blue

9. Don't You Ever!

10. Treasure


OJD CD15 Burning Ice Records 2008

CD album £5

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