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by Tim

by Tarn

Mini Skirts & Gingham Dresses EP & Videos


Mini Skirts & Gingham Dresses The Dreamcatcher


Life In A Petri Dish


Everybody Loves The Swinging Sixties ...

Were you a Sixties child? Did you grow up in the 1960s? Or perhaps you’ve just heard stories from relatives or seen it on TV? We’d love to hear your opinions or even experiences of this pivotal decade – was it really all it is cracked up to be? Some people say if your remember the Sixties - you weren't actually there ...

Mary Quant the fashion designer, Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton – said to be one of the first supermodels. Carnaby Street in London was the place to be seen. Then there was the fab & groovy ‘Summer of Love’ when the hippies wore flowers in their hair and talked about peace. The birth of BBC Radio One fuelled by all that great new music which many of us still listen to today – The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Dusty Springfield, Cilla Black, Janis Joplin, The Supremes, Simon & Garfunkel. The Mods & rockers battling it out on Brighton seafront – what was that all about?

Who can forget the triumph of 1966 when Bobby Moore & the England team lifted the football world cup. We launched rockets into space and man walked on the moon. The Avengers were on television and James Bond was the must see film at the cinema was it not?

Have you ever driven a Mini Cooper? Perhaps you’ve even owned one – well you can thank Sir Alec Issigonis for that one – this car was an icon of the Sixties and a breakthrough in British Motoring. Britain & France joined forces to create the first supersonic passenger jet airliner known as Concorde. Progress continued with the planners dream getting rid of the slums to make way for modern living.

We were the baby boomers – it was a time for optimism – what could go wrong?

So check out the new video by Objayda – as Tim & Tarn get dressed up and taken back in their drummer Peter’s borrowed Mini Cooper ‘time machine’ to experience some of that Sixties vibe. Your screen will erupt in a rush of psychedelic colour with typical tongue in cheek humour as the bands path crosses with dizzy ‘60s girl’ Siobhan Blanche resulting in an unexpected twist to the end of the tale.

Blink and you’ll miss it – yes that is the same station from Heartbeat & Harry Potter and is that The Beatles? Well almost – one of the finest tribute bands around – it’s our good friends The Australian Beatles featuring former drummer Dave Swan as Ringo.

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How Do You Sleep?

How do you sleep? Are you like me – a night owl – I can never get to sleep – my head is always buzzing with thoughts and ideas – and then I am so tired that I can't get up in the morning. Or on the other hand – are you a lark – straight to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow and then up at the crack of dawn with a spring in your step.


Either way – we all have one thing in common - we all dream – sometimes these dreams can be very pleasant, exciting or sometimes just plain damn strange. However – now and then we can all expect to experience something a little more frightening – a bit darker – often referred to as nightmares.


Some people believe in a mythical being called The Dreamcatcher – a kind of guardian angel – there to watch over us as we sleep in our beds – taking away all the bad dreams and perhaps giving us good ones in return.


Do you believe in The Dreamcatcher? Why not watch this video and decide for yourself …