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by Tim

by Tarn

Lemon & Lime

 1.  Bigger Than The Sun

 2 . Radio

 3.  You Cannot Hide From Me

 4.  Miles Away

 5.  Poppys

 6.  Century

 7.  Lemon & Lime

 8.  Flying Song

 9.  Anita

10. Free Falling Baby

11. The Love Inside

12. Tonight, Perhaps Forever?

13. Love Affair

14. The Fall Girl


Lemon & Lime 2000

OJD CD12 Burning Ice Records 2000

Lemon & Lime is actually a collection of Tim & Tarn's song demos that we felt good enough to put out as an official release. -  hence most of the tracks are drum machine - but you will find some live saxophone in there.  Most importantly - there are some very good tunes and some interesting sounds.  Plus - the sleeve for this album has all been put together by our own fair hands, giving it a very personal touch.  This is a rarity if you managed to get a copy.