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by Tim

by Tarn

For A Second

1. I Want To Know You

2. Original

3. Phantom

4. Back To The Start

5. Psychedelic Bed

6. Secrets

7. Cinnamon

8.For A Second

9. Out There

10. Touch

For A Second 2005

Here it is - our sixth studio album - very 'Objayda' we think and drawing a lot of parallels with our first album "As If To Say". Six of the tracks are brand new and introduce drummer Richard Nash as an integral part of the sound - we enjoyed writing and recording these all together in our Burning Ice Studio. It was interesting to use some real strings for the first time, courtesy of Alison Bingham on violin. Nick Kail also popped round to lend a hand with keyboards on 'Original'.


We wanted to include some favourites and thus 'Secrets' from "Circus Time For Hearts", Touch & an edited 'Psychedelic Bed' from "Petrifying Well" also appear. The title track 'For A Second' is borrowed from "Tales Of The Mystery Girl", which is still available on vinyl! These tracks feature our dear "departed to Oz" drummer Dave Swan - now wearing a wig and playing the role of Ringo in an Aussie tribute band.


Thanks especially to:


Mark Watkins at Blast1386


JK/Terry Mills/Andy Green at Apple FM


Tony Currie at Radio Six International


for their support of this record




OJD CD14 Burning Ice Records 2005

Back Of Taxi

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CD album £5

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