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by Tim

by Tarn

OJD CD6 Burning Ice Records 1990

Circus Time For Hearts 1990 Circus Picture 1990 the leather look 1989

This album came out whilst Tim & Tarn were doing a summer residency in the Channel Islands - hence the track "Beautiful Island You" written about Sark.  You will also hear the amazing saxophone sounds of our friend Al Stewart.  This was our first recording to be released on CD and features a delightful 8 page lyric booklet adorned with Tarn's etchings - now you won't get that on your i-Pod!

cassette album £5

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CD album £5

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1. Secrets

2 .I Know This Time

3. The Love Inside

4. Lost In Ideas

5. Hold On To Your Heart

6. Dear To Me

7. Circus Time For Hearts

8. Do You Know What It's Like?

9. The Deepest Sleep

10. Beautiful Island You! ( song for Sark )

11. A Legacy

12. Crying Boy ( Love Will Never Find You )

13. Where Are You Now?

14. Mystery Girl Again! (CD only)

15. You Can Find Love Anywhere

      ( theme from Always Forever ) (CD only)

       available on CD & 13 track cassette

Circus Time For Hearts