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by Tim

by Tarn

As If To Say ...

OJD 1 Burning Ice Records 1986


A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY ..... This is our debut album from way back when we were first signed.  We got to choose our own label name - which is where the name BURNING ICE comes from ( a mix of two titles on the album ).  No expense was spared - we were booked into a top studio & the sleeve was made in full colour with printed lyrics on the inner bag.  However - the company subsequently went bust shortly before the release & we were able to buy our stock, recording & song rights back at a fraction of the cost.  We then cleaned up by selling thousands of copies at our many gigz across the South-East.  Sadly because the records were not sold in shops - the sales never counted towards any charts - but then again nobody else took any money from us - so who cares.  Radio One even played the record & Melody Maker gave us the above review after we tracked down Mick Mercer one lunchtime in a London pub and landed the album in his lap.

There's only a few of these left - so snap up a piece of history whilst you still can.



     Side One

 1.  Careless Situation

 2.  House Of Mystery

 3.  The Voice

 4.  Eyes Of A Victim

 5.  Love In A Mist

 6.  Innocence

     Side Two

 7.  The Burning

 8.  100 Years From Now

 9.  Ice

10. Image World

11. My Hour

12. As If To Say (instrumental)


bonus tracks on download only:

#As If To Say (original)

#It's So Strange


#Some People




On vinyl & now on digital download


bonus original demo tracks never released!

Melody Maker 1986

vinyl album £20

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